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Can Africa be a forerunner in the world of the future that is one big network?– verifying affidavit – affidavit sworn on behalf of a corporation - person who is competent to swear such affidavit – where a plaint is amended – whether a verifying affidavit should be filed with the amended plaint – purpose of a verifying affidavit and how that purpose may be attained – whether the Court has discretion not to strike out a suit where the verifying affidavit is incompetent – Civil Procedure Rules (Cap 21 sub leg) order VII.– foreign affidavit - affidavit sworn in England – whether the provisions of the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act are applicable to such an affidavit – manner in which the formal validity of such an affidavit may be checked – whether such an affidavit would be admissible in Kenya’s courts – Evidence Act section 88.– affidavit – form of affidavits – where the affidavit does not state the place of swearing – whether such affidavit is fatally defective and inadmissible – principles applicable in determining whether the entire suit should be struck out.– foreign company – registration of a foreign company – where such company does business in Kenya through an agent – whether the foreign company must be registered in Kenya – where a foreign company is registered in Kenya – power of such a corporation to sue in Kenyan courts – whether an officer of the corporation can swear an affidavit on its behalf .What’s possible when you can identify and transform blocks you’ve had for a lifetime in just minutes?Having participated in several high end masterminds, the main question for me was: Where was I at the start, where did I want to go, and how much progress did I make getting there?The Pearman affidavit averred that the deponent was an employee of Microsoft charged with the responsibility to oversee software anti-piracy enforcement.

TV white spaces, the unused portions of wireless spectrum in the frequency bands generally used for television, are particularly well-suited for delivering low-cost broadband access to rural and other unserved communities.He did not depone to having the authority of the Corporation to swear the affidavit.The defendants raised preliminary objections to the effect that both affidavits were incompetent and should be struck out together with the entire suit.Radio signals in the TV bands travel over longer distances and penetrate more obstacles than other types of radio signals and, therefore, require fewer base stations to provide ubiquitous coverage.Microsoft intends to use this pilot and other similar initiatives to encourage African governments to make the needed legal and regulatory changes that would allow this type of technology to be deployed continentwide.

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