Updating panasonic sa bt200 blu ray player

It should be easy to spot as it has the “.frm” extension.

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Once you have done that, simply clean the laser with a soft clean cue tip or a cotton bud, the style used to clean ears with. Hope it works,if not then, The drive is not reading the disk properly. Unplug everything all the wires and cables connected to it, waiting 15 mins, and then plugging it back together.My Panasonic SA-BT200 Blu-Ray dvd player will only play Blu-Ray Dvd's. This is either caused by a fault in the laser/lens/drive itself which is leaving the laser misaligned and unable to read the disk or it is caused by dirt in the drive effecting the lens.It was working fine before, and playing non-Blu-Ray dvd's, but now, whenever I put a regular DVD in, it says "NO Disc," on the tv screen, and it won't play. There is a Laser cleaning CD or DVD that you can purchase from any audio shop - its not expensive and useful to have around anyway.

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