Tattoo chick dating gifts for a one year anniversary of dating

“I cried for like three hours in happiness.”Wodark says Capaldo-Smith asked her dad for permission to marry her at her parents’ 25th anniversary party.

Her mom (who adorably sent the video of the proposal to 9NEWS) told her she had been counting down the days until the big moment.

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When dating a tattoo artist things are NEVER simple.But so many of the common ones you see now...those don't bother me on a woman..are very cute. I'd be happy to turn down a guy who wouldn't date a girl with tattoos. KUSA - Brooke Wodark had never tattooed anyone before -- so when her tattoo artist boyfriend asked her to try it on him, she was already nervous. Luckily, she checked the first one.“In the actual video, it looks like I really messed it up, luckily I retouched it and got a clean red ‘x’” Wodark said.The tattoo in question turned out to be a little bit more than she bargained for … If you’re not one of the almost 10 million people who have watched the video on Facebook, here’s what happened. He had been dating Wodark for a year and a half when he asked her to tattoo a simple heart on his ankle. The pair had been friends for five years – and actually met when Capaldo-Smith was giving her a tattoo.

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