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“…I am always reminded of how small changes in the details of a digital design have profound unforeseen effects on the experiences of humans who are playing with it…It is impossible to work with information technology without also engaging in social engineering.” -Jaron Lanier [1] After a relatively quiet and unmourned death, the chatroom as a social space recently returned in the form of Omegle and Chatroulette.

The classic chatroom of the 1990s was overtaken by other platforms as the WWW moved to newer forms of sociality; namely, the social network.

We thought we would take the time to reflect on the history of Chat and what makes this feature so unique. Although they are the most popular answers, those are not correct.

If you were to survey a random of group of people and asked the question, “Who invented online chat? The technology behind chat has been around for about 40 years.

Ian Moore is a student pursuing an associate degree in music and holds a bachelor's degree in English. He holds a TESOL certification and has taught English abroad.

With the rise of the internet in the 1990’s, chat rooms, online forums, and instant messaging became widespread, including IRC, Yahoo! Critical mass was gained as AOL introduced chat rooms as part of its internet service in 1989.

People used chat to connect with friends or family down the street or halfway around the world.

The user name will be your email address if you are using Yahoo Chat. In most chat rooms it is a polite and common gesture to state your age, sex, and location, or ASL for short.

Even though this is completely optional you may find it difficult to chat and relate to people one on one without it. Answer questions that you feel comfortable with and find someone else in the chat room to whom you can talk.

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