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Their collection contains 38 Ancient Egyptian relics and objects from Thebes.The history of the Burgh of Montrose is explored; afterwards featuring the life of James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose and his larger role in Scottish history relating to his part first as Covenanter and then as Royalist and his part in the Jacobite Uprising.Many will of course be delighted the party has adopted a pro-EU stance on some key issues, while others will be ready to accuse Labour of betraying the result of the referendum.The lingering stigma of the past, which is often perpetuated by the press, has created an unbearably hostile environment in which many people must contend with mental ill health.Sometimes other bridesmaids do become suspicious of me and my role.After all, it must seem strange that a person they have never met before is suddenly part of 'team bridesmaid.' I once had a maid of honor who was so suspicious of me that she started grilling me about my friendship with the bride and why she had never met or heard of me before.Derby has a long association with the porcelain and pottery business and a good place to spend an afternoon is the Denby potteries and visitor centre.

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A planning application has been lodged to Aberdeenshire Council for a significant expansion of the Tolbooth Museum on Stonehaven Harbour.The Stonehaven Tolbooth Association (STA) which runs the facility hope the plans will cement it as an “iconic” building.The 16th-century site is currently home to a local history museum on the ground floor and The Tolbooth Seafood Restaurant on the first floor The proposals are for a two-storey extension to the Tolbooth, which will allow it to house further exhibition space, a function room or cafe – or a combination of all three.Staying in the Single Market, keeping freedom of movement rules, signing up to a customs union.Labour's version of Brexit set out today doesn't sound much like, well, Brexit.

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