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This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page follows up on various misconducts and dysfunctions in the orthodox Jewish Community worldwide and aims at sensitizing in the first place our community to the existence among us of these malefactors.

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As there is a button to go to the site to communicate with the girls.A country basicly born into its existence fighting, Israel so far defended its borders in a region surrounded by enemies.Maintaining a universal conscription system similar to Switzerland, Israel makes up for its limited manpower with technologically advanced weapons and well trained personnel.The end-result of this is that (a) nothing is being done to extirpate these wrongdoings and (b) these wrongdoers do not even suffer community disapprobation.The day Haredi Press will publicize these shameful acts by Haredim, our Hall of Shame will become superfluous, because we do not target the Gentiles, but our own Haredi people, who need to be aware of these malfunctions in our society.

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