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Max swans in wearing a black suit and gray tee, looking every bit the hot guy from a vodka commercial. "Hi, I'm Max," he says, a bajillion feet tall and in a thick British accent. It's incredibly expensive, and I can't afford most of it, but Lanvin is pretty good. Irons, the son of acting royals Sinéad Cusack and Jeremy Irons, is assuming his own throne as a leading man among the recent wave of young breakout Brits to take Hollywood's center stage. We usually watch an episode—and we have already watched most of them—and then sit around talking about these things. What was the general response you have gotten to the film? Because it's talking about the class system so much, I get a lot of people coming up and saying "It's really good that you made that film; it's addressing the Bullingdon Club and the origins of people who run our country: David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne." But then I also get people coming up to me, especially in places like West London, saying, "How dare you attack the hand that feeds you; you're attacking the best of Britain." We wanted this film to spark debate and get people thinking about who are the people actually representing us. There are documented examples in the press of pretty terrible behavior. It's a thing that my parents have been very great to offer me—the privilege to travel and see different ways of life. It was usually being somewhere with a girl, maybe drinking—that sort of thing. What was the role that made you want to become an actor? This month, he appears alongside Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds in Simon Curtis's triumphant WWII art theft stunner (sating both his fascination with espionage and his inner romantic—which, too, is alive and well). I know you interviewed alumni of the actual Bullingdon Club in the research phase. We're not sure what our prime minister and the mayor of London actually did, but they certainly at one point or another stood shoulder to shoulder with people who stood for these ideals. When I was at school I did a Neil La Bute play called A Gaggle of Saints, which is a two-hander. As a model, Max Irons had advertised for brands like Burberry, Mango. Appearing in films like Red Riding Hood (2011), and The Host (2013), and TV series The White Queen (2013).

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As we begin our conversation, Max Irons puts aside an article he's been reading in the Daily Mail. There was also a bit of opera singing so I had to work with an opera coach, even though, believe it or not, I was dubbed in the movie. To me the violent scene was unpleasant, but the scene where Holliday Grainger, who plays my girlfriend, came in and was basically assaulted, was the worst. I was getting in trouble a bit at school, and they thought they should send me away to make me appreciate how lucky I was to have the education I had."The US Navy's 'Ghost Hunter' Hits The Water: Robo-Boats Set To Track Down Silent Enemy Submarines For Months At A Time," reads the headline—one he relays with earnest excitement. I had to look as if I was breathing correctly so when we were filming I was actually singing—but I didn't make the film. These are all great, young actors, and the dialogue is full of bile and violence and sexism and homophobia that it gets into your bones. So, if anything, I was in a club of actors, which is a nightmare as you can imagine.. I worked in an office as a receptionist, then I was a barman for a couple of years. I used to be very good at doing stuff with passion fruit and experimenting with different types of hot toddies. You were also a teacher in Zimbabwe for a short period, right? A friend of my family sponsored a young child there named Lovejoy, who founded a school there, so I went to live with him and work for his school.The 29-year-old actor is the most unsuspecting Cold War nerd. They are very good conversation starters, SVU episodes. I started watching it from the very first episode a few months back, and it's like looking at old awkward family photos. Gotta love Mariska, but also, you gotta love Ice-T, though, with his one-liners. Is that what you're singing in the shower these days? There was one day in particular, when Sam Claflin had a monologue that peaked on the quote, "I fucking hate poor people." A scene like that takes a whole day to film, so you're hearing this dialogue again and again. Initially I was terrified, but it turned out to be a great thing.Max first appeared in Sky1’s 6 episode drama TV series The Runaway for his role as Tommy Pasqualino. For the 2013 movie , Max used to go for gym sessions. He used to workout for 6 days a week and also did interval training. His diet consisted of mostly proteins and vegetables, without any carbs.Move over Rob, step aside Eddie and ta-ta Tom; there's a new boy crush in town and he's so super-mega hot we're basically fanning the flames of eternal passion here at

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