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A study conducted by the dating site indicates that women are now more interested in dating men younger than themselves - some by as much as 10 years.What does this say about the dating scene at large.... ) and this whole GPS thing is definitely a challenge. But in the vein of reaching out and fessing up, I am moving beyond my ego and into the territory of receiving. I am a “guest in the animal’s home” but I’m still at the top of the food chain. I cannot, for the life of me figure out how you mark a waypoint (what’s a way point? And there’s that whole thing where you learn from their mistakes. I’m reading Willy Whitefeather’s Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids. In it’s simplicity it has served to reframe my headspace from afraid to respectful.Callaghan said the latest io Memory PCIe application accelerators are particularly well-suited for databases.The SX350 and SX300 series range in capacity from 1.25TB up to 6.4TB and aimed at both mixed-use workloads such as virtualisation, databases, business intelligence and real-time financial data processing and read-intensive workloads such as web hosting, data mining, content caching and CAD/CAM applications.

Fusion-io previously sourced NAND flash from other sources. More than 250,000 Fusion io Memory PCIe application accelerators have been deployed since the technology first debuted eight years ago.

Callaghan cited online dating site Plenty OFish as one of the 7,000 customers that has deployed the technology to support more than three million active users a day and 100 million profiles.

Its hard drive-based storage system couldn't keep up with the demands of its customers.

The PX600 series ranges from 1TB up to 5.2TB and is designed for mixed-use workloads including virtualisation, databases, business intelligence and real-time financial data processing.

The Mezzanine series are available on the latest HP Gen9 and Gen8 Blade System servers and the latest CISCO UCS B-series blade servers and can support more virtual machines per server than spinning disk.

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