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However, it would also appear that there is a natural society of Plant Sims living somewhere in the wild.

The family album of the Greenman family implies that Gabe O'Mackey and Jason Greenman went on a hiking trip and discovered this society in the mountains near Riverblossom Hills, where Rose Greenman was discovered.

” Videogame: Unreal Flash Measurements: Weight: 50 KG Height: 156 cm.

(Wicked) Age: 18 years old Birthday: March 22 Sign: The Guardian Phone number: 1-542-1620-112 Favorites: Drink: I dislike drinking Food: On a diet Colors: Orange and Red Location: The Casino Stats: Charm and Strength Song: “No Good Deed” Wicked LOTR book: Return of the King Quote: “What’s in a name?

Becoming a Plant Sim takes time, but more trees and crops on a residential lot can help, as it is the amount of pesticide a Sim uses over time that can trigger the transformation.

Get the right stats to get the right girl, and you'll be a winner. -=Glinda=- (Wicked) Age: 20 years old Birthday: July 26 Sign: The Tower Phone number: 1-541-7140-290 Favorites: Drink: Wine Food: Anything Healthy Colors: Black and Blue Location: The Night Club Stats: Magic and Romance Song: "Popular" Wicked LOTR book: The Two Towers Quote: "O, beware, my lord of jealousy." Videogame: Prince of War Measurements: Weight: 52 KG Height: 166 cm. " Videogame: Unreal Flash Measurements: Weight: 50 KG Height: 156 cm. This is a sim date game in which the goal is to meet girls and get dates.Hacked Free Games has free Action, Adventure, Bike, Beat'em Up, Car, Driving, Racing, Physics, Puzzle, RPG, Shooting, Strategy, Newgrounds, Armor Games, Kongregate, Bubblebox, Arcade Prehacks, Not Doppler, Hacked Flash Games, Hacked Online Games and Hacked Arcade Games.

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