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You can choose how you would like to receive your results and can also track the status of your test.

If the results show that it is likely you have HIV you will then be asked to visit a sexual health clinic to confirm the test.

About us Our pods are beautiful, cocoon-like, pop-up, inflatable, heated studios.

Holding up to 20 people, expect to be transported a million miles from the world outside into the perfect hot yoga environment.

The coincidence of the channel's launch with a resurgence in South African filmmaking has helped stimulate the creation of high quality music videos, which has driven the look of the channel to a level that few could have anticipated at launch.

There will be a prepaid envelope for sending your sample to a laboratory for testing and you will receive your results in around five working days.MK maintained an active online presence on their You Tube Channel, Facebook Page and Website.Even though the channel does not feature exclusively Afrikaans music, it has seen a tremendous boost for the resurging Afrikaans music scene, especially "indie" type of music.It would be nice for us to be getting promoted this season - our target is to go out there and give it a right go this season. Samir Carruthers: I think everybody’s target would be to win the league and get promoted, but we’ve just got to stick with it and get good results week in week out.The main aim is to get promoted this season and we’re going to go for it.

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