Adult chat room with no bots

You can set some other options by clicking the OPTIONS button: To require a password to enter the room, tick the Password box, and enter the password you want to use. This will prevent the room being taken by someone else when I’m not here. There are various commands you can use with Channel Service. The command looks like this: The /cs tells Jmeeting we’re entering a command for Channel Service register is the command, followed by the room name. If you will notice, at the top of the room it shows that the COMPLETE names is #My New Room.r Next we have the password. Now when I press enter, the room will be registered, and this is what I will see: Now I can add the JM bot to my room. We enter commands much like we do with Channel Service.

I tick the Adult box, since I expect mature chat in this room. Room registrations are managed by the Channel Service. I’ve chosen a founder password of abracadabra, and you can see that my description of the room is “This is my new room”.No paid memberships, no robots, just real men and women on .Get your own free chat bot Be Your Own Botmaster, 2nd ed.However, the best way to keep safe is to follow our rules and our article on online safety and employ the tips suggested there.Our software is jam packed with every feature you’d expect from a popular high end video chat site.

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